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Thinking about the electoral shenanigans, those appearing in campaign ads and those unattributed efforts from people trying to trick or scare voters, it reminds me of a story:

In the old days the South came up with literacy tests to keep Blacks from voting. One Black man was determined to pass the test and vote. He studied day and night.

On election day he went in to take his test. First the examiner asked him to say the Gettysburg Address backwards. To the amazement of the examiner he did. Next they asked him for the name of George Washington’s horse. Again he got it right.

After the examiner scratched his head he gave the man a Chinese newspaper and told him to read it out loud. The man took the newspaper and tried to read it. The poor fellow trying to vote said, “I can’t read the fine print, but I can see what the headline says.” Astonished the examiner asked him, “What does the headline say?” The man replied, “This is one Black man that isn’t going to vote today.”

Thinking about that story just makes me laugh at all of the crap that’s passed out and e-mailed and uttered these days trying to discourage people from voting their conscience or turning up to vote at all. When compared to what was done in the past to keep minorities and undesirables from the polls, these groups today are rank amateurs. It’d be really easy to get mad about it, but I think I’d rather laugh it off, spread the truth and vote.

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  1. Neal says:

    What amazes me, and I guess it really shouldn’t, is that some people will see those things and go “WHAT! OBAMA IS A MUSLIM AND A TERRORIST! Well gosh darnit I’m votin for McCain!” instead of asking why people think those things and finding out for themselves. Reminds me of the Colbert Report the other night where they interviewed people at rallys about the opponent.

    VOTER – “Well Obama is a Muslim and I don’t want a Muslim in the White House”
    INTERVIEWER – “Except that he isn’t a Muslim.”
    VOTER – (blank stare)

    You can lead a voter to the poll but you can’t make them think. To be fair, there are some untrue things said about McCain as well…just less often, at least from what I’ve read about him.

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