video: Aisha Tyler is my muse…

TGIF everyone! Have I mentioned how much I love Aisha Tyler? Probably so, but it bears repeating. James and I have become total fanboys, quoting bits from her special, following her on twitter and generally spreading the gospel.

I call her my muse because, well, everyone should have one. I’ve acted as muse once or twice for my friends that can actually write stuff. But there’s always a comedian that you can really identify with, whose jokes preach the truth. Like Aisha’s take on Valentine’s Day:

[flv:vday_sex.flv 500 276]

I am gonna BREAK. YOUR. HIP! That cracked me up because this guy I dated once… well he whipped out the ol’ “We need to have more sex or I’m going to cheat on you.” line. Unfortunately, this was during a time in my life when I thought I must do anything to keep this good–I thought–man! And we were, indeed, threatening each other all day long.* When it came down to it, we’d built up so much expectation that we called it off. Having all that pressure to perform hanging over your head kinda takes the fun out of it.

Also, when it comes to romantic evenings, you will get a lot farther with me if we’re nibbling on a light meal and taking in a nice walk as opposed to going out and stuffing our faces with food and wine. Because after the latter, I don’t dispute that I am totally ready to go to bed… to pass out. In the words of Aisha, It ain’t gon’ happen tonight, baby…

Still, being a fanboy does pay off sometimes. Due to a twitter contest she was running, I won free passes to see her at the DC Improv next month. She’s promised it’ll be new material, so I might post another clip or two before then to keep the blog warmed up.

Looks chilly out, but I have the day off, so who cares! I’m sure it’ll warm up sooner or later and if not I’ll just stay inside and get to a state of Saul Tigh drunkenness in preparation for tonight’s BSG.

* If I recall correctly, we kept calling it our “Hot Monkey Sex” night. Talk about a mood builder!

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