tv: this morning, when I was ‘Mad’

me as a Mad Men character via

The avatars are making the rounds of twitter and Facebook*, just as the ads for Season 3 have been making their way around the net. And believe me, if I had the figure and the suits**, I might show up to work like this more often.

my Mad Men avatar in the Sterling Cooper office with the cast

Of course I also had to make one with my avatar in the Sterling Cooper office with the cast, because when else are you going to see a character of color on the show in that office? One that isn’t taking out the trash and watching illicit office sex take place through office windows, that is. And Don Draper is free to seduce me anytime he likes… anytime.

I am so far behind on “Mad Men” that I hadn’t even finished Season 1. It started to get too dark for me without depth, and I lost interest. I actually think I only have about 2-3 episode of Season 1 to watch to finish it, so I should be able to complete it all before the new season starts next month. If not, there’s always TiVo and Netflix to help me out.

Get your own virtual ‘Mad’ makeover at I also love the music they use in the background so much, I looked it up. ‘Maserati’ by Miss Claudia & Pornorama.*** Definitely going to have to find that album. 🙂

* Fredo just posted his this morning as well.

** And the obvious lack of workplace boozing taboos.

*** I apologize for the auto-play, but it is MySpace after all.

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6 Responses

  1. Lindsay says:

    Yesterday I tried to play with that toy, and the “Loading” stayed parked at 1% for 3 minutes before I thought, “hmmm, must be popular,” and gave up. Fun toy. I like how it allows for people to be, shall we say, “of size.”

  2. Lindsay says:

    Just thought of something:

    You know it’s not the figure, it’s the suits. and I know how much you like the thrill of the hunt. Now, get thee to some thrift shops, buy some classic suits a size too big, and take them to a good tailor. When someone asks you where you got that great suit, say, “Oh, this old thing?”

    This trick even works for TED.

  3. brian says:

    @Lindsay: There’s only two problems with that. Firstly, I don’t need or want to dress up for my current job. Plus the dry cleaning costs. And second, we don’t have many thrift/consignment stores that carry men’s clothes. One of the nicer ones in Dupont Circle put up a sign a while back that read “Women’s apparel only.” They were probably getting tired of the queer guys stopping in to look for some old is new again threads.

  4. Fearless says:

    I love it. LOVE IT. Thank you for making my morning…and you do look sleek and wonderful in that suit, dear.
    .-= latest entry: Ritual =-.

  5. Kyle says:

    But I can so totally see you rockin a suit every day and being the urbane yet not-to-be-toyed-with bossman. Around here, just doing that for a week would earn you a promotion, even if you did no work at all. Oops, did I say that?!
    .-= latest entry: lesbians, transmen, hippies and punks—alright!!! =-.

  6. shindo says:

    I went through the 1st and 2nd seasons in one week through Netflix. It was that engrossing. Ditto on what you said about Don Draper.

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