snOMG: pick that crap up!

I noticed a lot of this behavior during our big snowstorm* and wasn’t really going to make comment as the subject is rather… well, shitty. As I encounter this every 3-4 feet on my way to work, I could have included a few pictures, but that would just demean us both. All I can really say is Capitol Riverfront residents? Please curb your dogs!

Even with the sad events, the weekend was a good one. 60° weather in Savannah, actually being unable to stand in the sun for long periods because it was getting too hot. Being in a place without tons of piles of snow everywhere and monitoring the weather back home knowing that there should be a bit less snow in DC due to the temperature. So when I got back and saw clearer streets and sidewalks, no hanging icicles, and smaller piles of snow, it seemed like such a good thing. Seemed like, anyway.

That clip cracks me up more than it should, but after seeing quite a few piles of dog crap due to residents that just couldn’t be bothered to bag it up when their dog “did its’ business” atop a snowdrift… I need something to make me laugh. I mean what did they think would happen? Do they believe that ice and snow dissolve poop? That a city sanitation worker will happen by with a can of Vapoorize? It has me wanting to market a line of novelty dog collars that have Stewie’s voice saying “Pick up my poop!”

Of course, I shouldn’t complain too much–the intact piles are at least easy to avoid, even if they are eyesores. But y’know what’s even worse than piles of dog crap sitting atop snowbanks? Piles of dog crap that have been mashed into slushy ice because they were in the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic. After the first snowfall, it was bad enough walking and trying to avoid patches of ice or deep soft snow, add to that wondering if that’s just icy mud or something else? So. Much. Fun.

Seriously people, you don’t want to scoop the poop, go buy yourself a nice little house with a yard where you can let your dog(s) run free and keep looking as shitty as you like. Until then, I don’t care how cold, snowy, late, rainy it is: PICK THAT SHIT UP. :mrgreen:

* And before, really. I live on the 13th floor and can still easily see people walking their dogs, looking around to see if anyone’s watching, and then refusing to pick up their pets’ poo unless someone else is around.

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5 Responses

  1. Mazzie says:

    As the snow melts, I’m noticing a lot of disgusting trash. What’s wrong with people?

    In our defense, the Colonel and I have been very tidy in the face of the storms.

    .-= latest entry: What’s Wrong with this Picture? =-.

  2. Kyle says:

    I noticed trod upon doggie doo more than once. Nasty. As the huge piles begin to melt, I’m seeing more and more garbage to emerge. The other day I saw a pair of pants. Now I’m waiting to see human bodies emerge, too.
    .-= latest entry: On the Next Episode of ‘Hoarders’… =-.

  3. DCPrincess says:

    Yeah uh…

    Our front yard is COVERED in poop because my roomie’s dog looooooved pooping in the snow.

    She emailed us asking us to make sure she gets off her ass and cleans it up tonight…


  4. Gilahi says:

    I’ve noticed that people apparently thought it was OK to throw their cigarette butts onto the huge piles of snow. Now, as the snow’s melting, we’re getting sidewalk full of little piles of cigarette butts.
    .-= latest entry: OK, Really Quick =-.

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