“Get Your Shit Together” via Rick and Morty

In my nicer moments, when I observe people who just seem to have a hard time with the trials of day to day life, I say things like “adulting is hard” or “having trouble being human today” or my usual go-to, “Get your life together.” More recently, I’ve been thinking that I need to stop being so polite.

Crude, but effective. I don’t mean larger issues that would knock any of us out of breath like discovering a major illness or a change in job status. Just smaller things that are barely even stumbling blocks to most of us and honestly cannot impact one’s life that drastically. One that instantly springs to mind is how to conduct yourself in a restaurant or bar. There are others, but I often get stuck trying to be too nice. “I don’t know what’s going on in their lives, so I can’t say anything.”

Nope. No more, and even pointing this at myself. Get your life together, fix your shit, handle your shit, get your shit together. Oddly enough, the adult swim show Rick and Morty already covered this in their Big Trouble In Little Sanchez episode which, even more serendipitously, aired on my birthday.

…get your shit together. Get it all together, and put it in a backpack. All your shit. So it’s together.

And if you gotta take it somewhere? Take it somewhere, y’know? Take it to the shit store and sell it. O-or put it in the shit museum, I don’t care what you do. You just gotta get it together.

Get your shit together.

The show is so popular and people have taken this speech so much to heart that it has come to exist online in many forms–some of which for sale, that I’m not sure they have the rights to sell…

Get Your Shit Together Get Your Shit Together Get Your Shit Together Get Your Shit Together Get Your Shit Together

The needlepoint ones are particularly inspired.

I need to make a audio clip of this so I can listen to it every morning on my way to work as a motivational mantra. I don’t plan to take it to heart so much that I become a dick about it, but we’re coming up on a new year, after all. What better time is there to make changes for the… moderately better? :mrgreen:

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