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Saw this on Facebook this morning. Near as I can tell from a Google Images search, it’s been going around the net since January of this year. I wasn’t able to find the original creator of the image, but hopefully they didn’t create an image like this for credit, simply to let it drift along the currents of the ‘net. Thank you to a helpful comment, I now know this image is by David McGlynn.


Fun Fact! Crayola issued a “Flesh Tint” crayon in 1903, changed it to “Flesh” in 1949, changed that to “Pink Beige” in 1956, then back to “Flesh” in 1958 before finally naming it “Peach” in 1962. Some say the “Peach” name change was in response to the civil rights movement and a way of recognizing that skin comes in a variety of shades, but that doesn’t really help explain the changes prior to 1958 which were more likely due to sales and market response than anything else. 🙄 How else would you explain this?

Now how about next we work on “flesh-colored” bandages and “nude” panty hose?1

1 And also–one would assume–manty hose.

It’s been reported that this Bloom County cartoon was framed and hung in the Crayola offices at one time.

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  1. Lolypup says:

    Just dropping in to say Howdy, glad to see your blog still fun as ever!

  2. Avienda says:

    This image was taken by David McGlynn

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