ads: Fort vs. Castle

Not having cable TV anymore means I miss out on gems like this. Per General Mills’ YouTube channel, this ad is a few months old, but I only just noticed it this past weekend while out at brunch.

Welcome to Fort Green Sheets!

Welcome to Castle Brave Storm!

In more recent years, General Mills has not shied away from showing their company’s values of diversity and inclusion in their ads, and regardless of the backlash they sometimes get, it just makes sense. Actors Kaycie Bowens & Keith Williams portray a perfect brother/sister rivalry. And it’s a perfect example of color-blind casting done well. They could be any kids in nearly any home in America and a company selling cereal totally gets that.

Or to put it simply: representation matters. :mrgreen:

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  1. dakrólak says:

    Yes, indeed — representation matters. Though, her castle was kinda elaborate, how long you figure that took her? Thanks for bringing these gems to the attention of us cord-cutters. Perhaps we should start a facebook group to highlight the excellence in Advertising for those who don’t get to see them?

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