in DC: AIDS Quilt @ NBM

In case you missed seeing it at the recent Smithsonian Folklife Festival because you were wisely staying inside and out of the heat1, the AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display at the National Building Museum later this month.

In 2012, the AIDS Memorial Quilt turns 25 years old, and the International AIDS Conference in July will provide a plat­form to display the full Quilt in Washington for the first time in 16 years. From July 21-25, 2012, the National Building Museum will join a select group of venues in the Capital Region in presenting the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Panels will be laid out on the floor of all three courts of the Great Hall and visitors will walk among them, just as they do on the Mall. The Museum also provides the distinctive opportunity to view the Quilt from above, as visitors will be able to look down from the balconies surrounding the Great Hall.

The NBM’s display will be one of the largest installations of the Quilt off the National Mall and is part of Quilt in the Capital where many venues in the DC area will display parts of the quilt during some or all of July.2

1 No disrespect meant to those who were without power and thus starved for choice.

2 See all participating venues and dates at

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