inebriati: Blue Bubbly?

bottles of Blanc de Bleu sparkling wine in an ice bucket Just a quick entry as work is both very busy and very frustrating today, but I am determined to stick to the “write every other day” rule I set for myself, and sometimes that means not having loads to say. But let’s go for a nice #tbt Throwback Thursday entry, in that I will talk about something I plan to throw back in the very near future.1

I found out about this sparkling chardonnay last night, very randomly, and now I must have it… it’s The Inebriati Code! It’s sparkling wine, which nicely coordinates with my ABC (Always Be Celebrating) philosophy, it’s blue, which is one of my favorite colors and it’s nerdy as hell–like I’m drinking something out of Star Trek (or Star Wars, your choice)! I’ve made blue cocktails before, and once just poured NyQuil into a champagne coupe because I needed to feel fancy, but I’ve never had a blue-tinted sparkling wine.

Blanc de Bleu® from Premium Vintage Cellars is a premium California chardonnay with an added hint of blueberries and is a delicate sparkling wine reserved for memorable celebrations. It offers seductive flavors and fresh aromatic effervescence–vividly pasteled with blueberries. All of this is contained in an impressively sexy bottle with tasteful flair.

bottle of Blanc de Bleu sparkling wine

Apparently there are shops in the DC area which sell it, so it’s field trip time, and I’ll report back after a tasting. Though if you follow me on any of the socials, you’ll likely see the results there before they appear here, tagged #inebriati, of course. And I shall do my very best to resist calling it Smurfberry Wine… maybe.

1 You didn’t really think I’d make you suffer through looking at old pictures of me, did you?

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