D.I.Y. Disco by Disco Dick

I’ve seen a lot of articles and videos over the past year about how all music within and across genres sounds the same and why it sounds the same and it reminded me of a classic and fun disco song I remembered from way back, but recently heard again on a Joey Negro compilation.

That’s terrific, but it’s not disco. It has to be–I’m sorry–120 beats per minute for disco. Let’s try that.

Disco Dick by Andrew Wardlaw In the vein of nod & wink or pop culture-fixed songs like “Pac-Man Fever” or “General Hospital”, it’s a not-so-subtle call out of assembling the basic elements of a disco tune and reworking them until… “that’s disco!” This is off the B-side, the A-side being “Disco Dick” a humorous disco homage to the theme from Dragnet. As far as I can tell, this was the only album released by this group–under this name, at least.

Coming near the end of the disco era, it makes for a fun take, but as we all know: Disco will never die. :mrgreen:

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