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Everything is a Remix: The Force Awakens

Kirby Ferguson of “Everything is a Remix” takes a look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the J. J. Abrams vs. George Lucas methods of remixing. Many said The Force Awakens didn’t feel new, and Ferguson helps break down why.


Campbell’s Star Wars Ad: “Your Father”

Campbell’s latest ad for their “Made for Real Real Life” campaign features two dads giving it their best dueling Darth Vader impressions with the most apropos line from Star Wars.1 That’s gotta be the worst Vader ever… The other offering...


inebriati: Blue Bubbly?

Just a quick entry as work is both very busy and very frustrating today, but I am determined to stick to the “write every other day” rule I set for myself, and sometimes that means not having loads to say....


video: The Bark Side

Volkswagen returns to a Star Wars theme for their 2012 Super Bowl commercial. Remember “The Force” from last year that went viral? For Super Bowl XLVI, they return to that galaxy far, far away with a teaser for their 2012...


video: “WHOA!” moments

I have been waiting for the DVD to be released so I could finally post just 15 seconds of this episode: [flv:lando_whoa.flv 500 376] There have been quite a few articles, blog entries and videos regarding racism and casual racism...


geek/theater: One Man Star Wars

Heard last night, if Star Wars has taught us anything it’s: Don’t kiss your sister like that, and Don’t let your father become Darth Vader! I lucked out and snagged Jhim’s +1 ticket to see One Man Star Wars last...


I find your lack of work disturbing.

I said it was gonna be a bad week, but I didn’t expect it to be quite so stacked against Monday. I’m really glad I don’t have Force choking TK abilities. Of course if I did, I’d probably also have...


Who Shot First?

Let your bookends decide the age-old debate, depending on which DVD set you put in them now. I’ve been counting on the fact that the power of the almighty dollar would make him release the originals. Though this article ponders...