photos: Kogan Plaza at GWU

Letting the wind (after the wind actually showed up) carry us where it may, we ended up walking from Farragut Square over to the Albert Einstein Memorial by way of Foggy Bottom/GWU and stopped off for some photos in Kogan Plaza.

A selfie picture taken with the bench statue of George Washington in Kogan Plaza at GWU

G-Dub seflies and silliness aside, it is kind of cool to still see spots in DC that I haven’t been before. That number may be dwindling, but at least it’s not zero yet.

Abstract sculpture in Kogan Plaza "Suffusion" sculpture in Kogan Plaza George Washington Bench statue in Kogan Plaza Not that I have too much reason to wander around college campuses for sightseeing purposes. I have no children with which to shop around for colleges and it mostly just makes me feel old. I mean… college boys, am I right? ūüėČ

It was good to get out about, even though the weather didn’t get really nice until near evening but by then between my morning walk and the sightseeing, I was worn out. I’ve had it with summer, bring on fall please!

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  1. The Albert Einstein sculpture is scary….as I drove in/out of the city to the burbs in VA as a youngin it would always frighten me with its size & odd facial expression….good not to include!

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