Baby, There’s Brunch Inside…

No, I’m not going to debate the holiday tune, I just needed a clever title to go with some food pics. There clearly hasn’t been enough food content on my blog. I’m going to lose my foodie/influencer credentials!

Korean brunch platter at Mandu

Last week when pondering places to go, my friend suggested Mandu. Their platter, above, being their Korean take on steak & eggs. And I should know better than to underestimate anything labeled “platter”. It didn’t seem like a lot of food, but I was stuffed. And their $5 Sojutinis didn’t hurt either. Literally the opposite of hurt. They were quite nice. 😀

Calabrese personal pizza at Nicoletta Italian Kitchen

We hit up Nicoletta a little while ago when we had a relatively warm Fall day and had a great time. They do a really good steak hash, and their Double Down Brunch offers an appetizer and an entree, plus brunch cocktail for $25. I am a sucker for a pizza at brunch, though hopefully it’s a “personal” pizza. Unless, of course, you’re of the philosophy that all pizzas are personal. I don’t judge.

Sadly, there’s no bottomless option, but they do have a pretty extensive cocktail and beer/wine menu. This isn’t a place I would go to “throw down” all day.

Cavatelli Carbonara at Dirty Habit

Dirty Habit has quickly become one of my regular spots. As in, they actually mean “welcome back!” when they see me approaching the host stand. And there may have been a few “throw down” days at this venue. Will not confirm any spurious tales of a 5- or 6-hour brunch. Nope.

What’s most interesting is they keep changing their menu, all the time. And it’s not exactly unwelcome. Not that there’s anything wrong with familiar, or knowing you’ll have the same dishes every time. But it’s a little refreshing to see new items pop up, even when it means a favorite dish may be gone.

As the weather gets colder, and the end-of-year holidays approach, it gets harder to want to bundle up to go out, go in, and brave the crowds just for a few hours of food and cocktails. But then if I don’t do it and report back for you… who will? :mrgreen:

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