Little Coco’s Aperitivo Hour

I have way too many “personal health holidays” thanks to surviving cancer. If not for social media memories, I’d completely forget some of them. Still, yesterday was officially one year since my oncologist gave me the boot. Said he’d no longer need to see me anymore. Basically, “If you’re sick, go see a regular doctor.” Which I’m totally fine with!

Still, one year on is one year on and what better reason to enjoy a happy hour than being officially out of the woods? And what better happy hour than an Italian styled happy hour with unlimited (for a few hours) nibbles and cocktails?

Little Coco’s is just up the road a ways from me and while I’m usually there for brunch, their Aperitivo Hour is a really nice way to wind down after the work day. Even if I walked there in colder-than-I-like weather.

As usual, it was delightful. I’ve been drinking a little less, so I wasn’t exactly trying to take advantage of the bottomless special, but I had a good time and some good food!

A friend joined me as it neared 7pm, and thankfully the server said, “It doesn’t make sense for you to do the Aperitivo…” but he snagged a drink and bite from their regular menu and we split their cannoli for dessert before a quick walk back home in the still quite cold. At this point I need winter to either snow or move on!

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll celebrate “being alive” except for the usual big annual one, but it’s never a bad thing to have a reason to take yourself out and have a nice time. Maybe invite some friends to join you. Even when that falls on what seems like a random Wednesday. 😉

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