Wait a second… it’s Friday!?

I miss one day streaming and suddenly I’m all thrown off in terms of time. It wasn’t the best reason that I had to miss a stream–it was work related. So I was a bit salty about that, but also realizing that one day of streaming Monday through Friday suddenly feels like a long stretch of time when you don’t do it.

Yeah, Julia, where does the time go?

Not that I want to stream more days a week. I simply couldn’t do it. No way. But that doesn’t mean my brain and body clock are used to it. So in addition to feeling a bit sullen that I didn’t stream, I was also thrown. A whole lot of muttering, “What day is it?” during the week.

I thought I might try for a make-up day during the week, maybe a Friday Happy Hour or Friday Night Dinner stream, but cocktail stores are low and my cooking has gotten a bit modest as I look ahead to being out and around other people for a convention in a few months.

Image by Andre Mcenroe from Pixabay

Yes, I may become the annoying person who started working out again and wants you to know all about it soon. I’ll try to keep those musings to a dull roar. Except for right now.

As thrown off as I was, I did manage to get in an at-home workout. Inspired by a Ring Fit stream last night, I did a good hour or low-to-medium impact, which is generally walking in place to dance music for an hour with occasional jogging and upper body movements.

Today’s upper body was sorting through and tossing out junk and breaking down cardboard boxes. As was noted by a friend, my balance and coordination are good, don’t worry about me hurting myself.


It’s not the same as getting outside and on the trails, but it’s a lot easier to get in an hour in my apartment as opposed to heading outside and maybe running out of steam when you’re 2 miles from home.

However, I’ve had a fairly productive day. After the workout, I got some lunch, pre-roasted some shrimp, made a grocery list and put a delivery order in, then had a video doctor’s appointment and now I’m writing this to commemorate it all, ha ha!

Otherwise, I have to get back to my First Time DM Diaries as I didn’t manage to get one of those out all week. But I’ve still got time to re-watch last week’s episode, then Eugenio and I will talk tomorrow about our plans and Rivals on Sunday.

But for right now, it’s Friday–I’m pretty sure–and it’s time to relax. 💖

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2 Responses

  1. Lindsay Harris-Friel says:

    Sometimes you have to let the tide come in.

  2. Calvin says:

    I absolutely LOVE Julia Fordham. Way back from the very early nineties. In my opinion, Porcelain is one of her best, if not, her best.