boys r dumb

no cell phoneWhat is the motivation behind someone saying they will call you, and then not calling? What’s up with that? Though considering e-mail and IM goes unanswered, I’m guessing its pretty clear, but the unknowns are so odd, what could have transpired between finishing a good phone conversation one night and then … nada. Ah well.

Bowling last night went well, we actally won all 3 games, bowled our asses off, I fell down once, but it didn’t really affect my night too much, my neck, back, left arm and left leg are all twingy, but hey we still won, damnit. Sleeping on all that was a little troublesome though and I had kinda racy dreams about people that I certainly wouldn’t have expected to appear in dreams like that.

In yet another attempt at eating well, I made a balsamic vinaigrette for a cucumber salad tonight that I didn’t have time to prepare with needing to get ready to head out bowling, but the dressing tasted lovely and was insanely easy to make. I’m trying to get back into the swing of wanting to cook things for the sheer fun of it, it’s just no fun to make them for myself and have tons of leftovers sitting around. I’m pondering a supper club of some kind, but I haven’t the space to host a dinner party. Perhaps Moose will let me borrow his place for something, donating your place is like throwing a party that you have catered and managed for you.

What else… allergies still kicking my butt. I bought a cable modem on ebay that works perfectly after a short chat with Starpower’s tech support to register the new device. The money I spent on it will easily be made up by dropping the monthly modem rental fee. Now I just have to return the old piece o’ crap to their office. And Jenifer, lovely friend that she is, wanted me to shut the hell up about my old iPod headphones and bought me new ones as a surprise. Everything else is pretty much the mundane… is it the weekend yet?

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