I hate sickness, I hate allergies… I hate allergies that like to masquerade as colds, I hate being sniffly snotty and I HATE blowing my nose every 5 minutes.

That said, it was a pretty nice weekend, I was due to have Happy Hour with Jenifer on Friday but ran into an energy drain at about 5:30 so I cancelled and stayed home with the day’s retail therapy purchases. I got a bluetooth headset, Guild Wars and a bluetooth dongle for the PC. I can finally Skype from the bedroom to the kitchen without being unable to hear or be heard. Kinda cool. I also picked up a cheap bluetooth adapter for my cell phone, more to make it easier to sync contacts as well as using it as a mobile modem for the beach trip this summer.

Saturday was Bad Movie Day at Will’s place and it was nice to see Doug, Tod, Greg, Richard, Will, George, CJ, Danny and Bob. [*phew* link-tastic!] I wore my new platform shoes (or so you’d think from some people’s reactions), I drank too much wine (big shock), was pleasantly surprised by Josie and The Pussycats, and finally saw the movie version of Sordid Lives. A fun time was had, but a 6 block walk home seems *much* shorter when one is sober instead of drunk and head-pounding-achey (a combination of the wine, my allergy meds, and the cats’ best efforts to make my allergy meds useless). Ah, good times.

Last night we had the bowling potluck and awards night along with some free bowling. Our team came in 19th (out of 24), so netted a little bit of change, and I got another $50 for having the high handicap game (301).. it wasn’t really the high game, but the guy who got that also won highest scratch (score before handicap) game, and the same person can’t win both prizes. My brownies were a hit as they vanished almost before I could get one, no big thing really, just a box brownie mix with a metric assload of chocolate chips sprinkled on top of the batter before baking. Very fudgy, and perhaps my last bout with serious food-dom for a while.

I’m not in the mood to develop an eating disorder (though a little case of mono might be nice), but I am tired of how my weight is making me feel lately. Tod did notice that I’d lost a little weight, I really haven’t but exercise at home is at least shaping the bod a little differently, still it was nice to hear. I doubt I’ll ever be back down to my 155 from a few years ago, but it would be nice to fit into my square cut Speedos before the week at the beach.

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