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Silly online game addictions

I can not stop playing ZWOK. It’s the usual simple projectile/angle/force game, but you can sign up for an avatar and over time you earn more types of projectiles and it’s cute in a kinda Tim Burton’esque Beetlejuice sorta way....



Wow.. much love to Lennier and all, but Bill Mumy was a WEIRD lookin’ kid, damn!


As spammed on TV

Sometimes SPAM really is entertaining: Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill — Replaces 5 different kitchen appliances & then some!



Frappucinos at Starbucks that aren’t calorie explosions! How do the new summer Starbucks blends stack up? | Slashfood


Better now

Not only am I at work, but my standard post-hypnotic suggestion, “look at your camera phone” kicked in when I got home and it reminded me that I saw a new India Arie album and a new Brand New Heavies...


Office Inanity

We all deal with some pretty friggin’ petty things at our workplace, but for some reason this just irks me. I’m a contractor, so generally we get the leftovers when it comes to in-house supplies, including computer speakers, phones and.....


I’m a musician, man.

And here I thought Steven Seagal juice was bad enough, Kickin’ Blues Brother “I’ve been playing music since I was a boy,” Seagal says. “I’m a musician, man. This is what I do. I got a little bit of pride...


Who ordered the fluff?

Ice Cream Indulgences by Sign — Astrological clues to your cravings. When you do indulge, Virgo, you tend to make healthy choices like raspberry frozen yogurt or green tea soy ice cream. What the hell is this woman smoking?!