ads: tenor to soprano… to bass

An ad making the rounds that gave me a chuckle is the new one from Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The recent campaign features Steve Berg (last seen as one of the groupies/singers in Dr. Horrible who’d do the weird stuff) as a frequently misunderstood marketing guy with two other employees that never seem to be buyin’ into what he’s sellin’.

[flv:mikes_cold.flv 500 280]

Some of the other ads which have played off of the character’s apparent simple-mindedness, the security of the other guys’ masculinity or his just not “getting” it. This one goes for a plain and simple concept: he sissied out in front of his bros.

Just like nuts & balls, sometimes the simplest jokes are the best. And his recovery is priceless.* And since the weather was recently reported as raining sideways, I’m going to need a good laugh on the way home… sans umbrella.

* And no, this absolutely, positively does not remind me of any situation I’ve ever been in.

** Really, it doesn’t.

*** Shut up!

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2 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    You’re not wearing Kenneth Cole shoes, are you?
    .-= latest entry: Politically Incorrect about Academia, the Arts, and Literature (continued) =-.

  2. brian says:

    @shindo: Oh, you know I am, darling.

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