ads: tenor to soprano… to bass

An ad making the rounds that gave me a chuckle is the new one from Mike’s Hard Lemonade. The recent campaign features Steve Berg (last seen as one of the groupies/singers in Dr. Horrible who’d do the weird stuff) as a frequently misunderstood marketing guy with two other employees that never seem to be buyin’ into what he’s sellin’.

Some of the other ads which have played off of the character’s apparent simple-mindedness, the security of the other guys’ masculinity or his just not “getting” it. This one goes for a plain and simple concept: he sissied out in front of his bros.

Just like nuts & balls, sometimes the simplest jokes are the best. And his recovery is priceless.* And since the weather was recently reported as raining sideways, I’m going to need a good laugh on the way home… sans umbrella.

* And no, this absolutely, positively does not remind me of any situation I’ve ever been in.

** Really, it doesn’t.

*** Shut up!

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2 Responses

  1. shindo says:

    You’re not wearing Kenneth Cole shoes, are you?
    .-= latest entry: Politically Incorrect about Academia, the Arts, and Literature (continued) =-.

  2. brian says:

    @shindo: Oh, you know I am, darling.

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