Office Inanity

We all deal with some pretty friggin’ petty things at our workplace, but for some reason this just irks me. I’m a contractor, so generally we get the leftovers when it comes to in-house supplies, including computer speakers, phones and.. chairs. So one day last week I come in and my chair is gone, no other desk appears to have a second chair where there wasn’t one the previous night, it’s just gone. So I go to the desk of someone that just left for another job and take theirs, no problem, right. It did happen to be a nicer chair, but hey, ya snooze ya lose! So today my manager tells me that “there’s a problem with your chair.” As someone new is sitting at the desk that I took this one from and “he has no chair to sit in.” Now there are empty desks with available chairs over there as the section they are in has a LOT of turnover, but no. That section’s manager goes to my manager to tell me that I should return the chair. Petty!

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