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…with this office, these people, etc. I’ve got to find a new job. Well with that said, time to get to work!!


Critique me!

For anyone interested? I put my resume online this weekend. Click here to Share and Enjoy.. I don’t know if it will get any bites, but at the least I can try, right? Then again, I don’t even know if...


farewell, ma manager

I really, really hate that my boss is leaving. Today we threw her a going away party, and tomorrow she’s throwing one for us. I’m going to really miss her. It’s not often you feel that you have a manager...


on today’s soundtrack

… on today’s soundtrack – Runaway by The Corrs & Porcelain by Julia Fordham… (note: using X-drive to share these files, so will only be available for 7 days) I guess the last post seemed a little unfinished. Sorry, I...


my first pony… I mean post

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about doing something like this on my site for a long long time, and I think, do I want people to know stuff like this? Do I want to express things that may concern my...