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… on today’s soundtrack – Runaway by The Corrs & Porcelain by Julia Fordham…
(note: using X-drive to share these files, so will only be available for 7 days)

I guess the last post seemed a little unfinished. Sorry, I tend to ramble when I’m at work and then suddenly have to derail my train of thought due to tasks of one kind or another. The office is nowhere near as fun as it used to be, and it’s gotten worse ‘cos my manager, who was a gift from the Goddess, is leaving. I can completely understand why she’s leaving. She’s pregnant, the contract is currently under renegotiation, and OAO only pays 60% of salary for maternity, and that’s only after she’s used up all her personal time. So I’m kinda bummed ‘cos it’s rare that you have a manager that really is looking out for the team.

It should be noted that I’m still warming up to the idea of talking about stuff going on with me, plus it’s hard not to talk about other people’s non-private problems, since that’s often a lot of what I deal with in my day to day.

Last night Michael came over. It was supposedly to see the X-Men preview special on FOX, but he didn’t manage to make it for that. He tends to work a lot and doesn’t always get out of the office when he’d like, plus it’s on Capitol Hill and I’m in Alexandria, so it’s a hike around the beltway. Anyway, he brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so I can forgive him. He brought up the whole ‘going steady’ (his words) issue, which I’d been sensing was going to come up for a while. And for once, perhaps the first time in my life I was honest. Normally I tend to try to soften blows which don’t always get the proper point across. I told him that I’d prefer to remain dating, but not exclusively, even though there’s no one that I’m running off to be with. It occurred to me that it doesn’t seem to make much sense, but I know that’s what’s right for me. Not that I don’t see myself in a committment someday, but now isn’t the time. I still feel like I’m rebuilding the temple of Brian too much. I should put some kind of quick summary of my life in the past few months to catch people up. That was always the problem with trying to start up a journal for me, there was no background, but then I couldn’t figure out why I was writing it in the first place. (I know, I’m odd that way) I have more journals and blank books than one might believe. Except most of mine have maybe one to five pages filled out, then they just stop for months at a time, and the first line after the break is something like I will keep to it this time.

Anyway, interesting link for this entry is myplay, they give you a 3 gig locker in which to store mp3s. This has been really handy for me, for one it’ll store the songs I want to share with you, but it lets me easily transfer music between home and the office, or make playlists to share with others.

I’m gonna get to work now and add more later on.

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