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politics spoof: Monkey forms sentences

I’m a pretty late adopter for Robot Chicken, but the above scene cracked me up just for the infographic messages from the Right and the Left. I’m not paying too much attention to the whole DNC stuff taking place right...


Get me a dictionary!

In yet another “why aren’t you watching this… and if you are, why aren’t we dishing about it?” entry comes a quick snippet from The Venture Bros. [flv:dictionary.flv 500 282] They had been trying to solve a riddle by using...


preach on, white boy

Yesterday’s the show with zefrank. Good stuff. McKinney should have played some of his broadcasts instead of playing Pink’s "Dear Mr. President". Also, I think I wore out my TiVo last night replaying the massive fight scene from "Titans Together"…...


I got some pork you can pull.

Au Bon Pain’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich — It’s a good thing. I know I should have chopped up some chicken to bring in for leftovers today, but I would have been torn between wanting to bring in the dark...


You do NOT kidnap Oprah!

While I still feel it drops too many N-bombs for a target demographic audience that is not primarily black, The Boondocks does have its moments. Like the following: Don’t go up against Huey, he’s got serious Kung Fu.



But now The Powerpuff Girls is on and all is right with the world for another 30 mins at least.