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In yet another “why aren’t you watching this… and if you are, why aren’t we dishing about it?” entry comes a quick snippet from The Venture Bros.

[flv:dictionary.flv 500 282]

They had been trying to solve a riddle by using the internet before calling in The Alchemist. As the riddle was from the Victorian era, their solution was all wrong. Amazingly enough The Alchemist isn’t afraid of the internet, but seems to use it for the same thing as most luddites do.

It reminds me of my friend that couldn’t seem to figure out how to look up something in Google, send someone an e-mail, or figure out anything in Microsoft Office. Now when he was in the middle of telling you about some guy he was talking to the other night and I said “How’d you meet him?” — “Oh we were online and we did a video chat and traded photos via IM.”

Beneath the common saying of “The Internet is for Porn” I tend to find my more apt phrase, “People use the internet for two things: to get paid or to get laid.” If they can’t find a way to do one or the other, it just isn’t interesting to them. 😈

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3 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    The third thing we use the internet for is entertainment. I usually watch “The Venture Brothers” online. It’s my Friday after work ritual – a beer or similar beverage and the latest VB episode.

  2. brian says:

    @kyle: That’s just internet tv for those unable to stay up til midnight on Sundays. Doesn’t count! 😀

  3. kyle says:

    Then as entertainment, I also submit: LOLcats, the Fail Blog, Overheard in X, Youtube, all those games game geeks play, etc.

    Still, the paid-or-laid paradigm is a pretty resilient one. But I prefer triadic thinking, and I think the three most powerful drives a human being experiences are towards, in this order, power, sex and jollies.

    Whoa, dude, I am so sorry – went philosophical without prior consent. Bad kyle, bad!

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