I got some pork you can pull.

Au Bon Pain’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich — It’s a good thing.

I know I should have chopped up some chicken to bring in for leftovers today, but I would have been torn between wanting to bring in the dark meat to the office leaving me with tons of breast meat at home, or vice versa.. plus I really wasn’t in the mood to package anything last night. The sink is like a monument to stacked dishes at the moment and I was a glass and a half of wine tipsy.

After getting caught in the torrential downpour last night, I was pretty torn between continuing on the cooking adventure or just ordering in pizza and saying screw it, what’s on tv? But I did eventually peel off, literally, the wet clothes and towel off and change. I grabbed my umbrella and a hat and my list and headed out to the store, only to realize as I clicked the door shut behind me that my keys were still inside the apartment! So of course like an idiot I stood there for a moment trying to open the door anyway as if by sheer force of will I could cause it to unlock for me.

After that bit of insanity passed, I headed out to the store and racked my brain to remember who in the building has keys to everyone’s apartment. The store trip was quick and uneventful, aside from trying to find a small chicken. Everything was 6 pounds or over and then there were these mutant roaster chickens with “extra meat” on them like there was a Muscle Beach section of the chicken farm where the fowl could get “ripped.” I finally found a bird at 4.5 lbs and on sale for $3.50 with club card. The sell by date is tomorrow, which might have something to do with it, but when the main course of your meal costs less than the trimmings, you don’t question it. And being pissed off must really work for me as I was getting cruised by both the guy in front of me and the boys behind me in line, damn you unexpectedly-fast-working express lane cashier!

Thankfully I can still enter my building as the call box forwards to my cell phone, so I called the property manager whose office hours I’d just missed, and then I went to Ms. Lee, the nice woman that UPS and FedEx know they can leave the buildings packages with, to ask her if she knew who had the master keys for the building. Turns out it was her, lucky me. So she helped me with that, they charge a $25 for lockout assistance, condos.. *feh* But I was back in my place, dashed out for a bottle of wine to complete the ingredients and it was time to roast a chicken!

I caught up on TiVo and later snacked on bacon while it cooked and then watched “Brainiac Attacks” on Cartoon Network with dinner. Wow.. with the exception of the 2nd, or was it 3rd, Aladdin movie, I have yet to see anything that was more deserving of being sent “straight to video” than this. The voice “acting” was either campy or overly dramatic, the plot makes VERY little sense, and when existing in the same television period as Justice League Unlimited it makes even LESS sense. Hell it doesn’t even fit within Superman: The Animated Series very well. I won’t say it wasn’t amusing at points, but overall it’s a horrible movie that the studio pumped out to video to try and get kids to buy more Supes merchandise before it hits the big screen. And with commercials, CN padded a 73 min film out to 90 mins and by the end I was thinking “Oh just END already.”

But at least the chicken was delicious, though I think I need a cutting board with a better drip tray.

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