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WRDBNR (formerly wordboner)

I used to loathe the “see what you missed!” e-mails from tumblr and ello and the like, but this piece by WRDBNR caught my attention while going through my morning reads.


“Fuck This Shit” Embroidery by YourGothicGranny

Custom embroidery spotted on ello, “Fuck this Shit” by spookyghoul aka YourGothicGranny on etsy and instagram. It’s been a bit of a trying week, and I’m writing this in advance with the hopes that I won’t feel this way when...


Animated GIF by Ivan Vidovic

Just relax, breathe normally and stare into the following GIF. Animated GIF by Ivan Vidovic on Ello. Yes, this is how we recruit. Enjoy that triggered latent1 homosexuality, y’all! I love how animated GIFs are making a comeback as art,...