WRDBNR (formerly wordboner)

I used to loathe the “see what you missed!” e-mails from tumblr and ello1 and the like, but this piece by WRDBNR caught my attention while going through my morning reads.

STUCK by wrdbnr, There's nothing right on the left. There's nothing left on the right.

So many levels, both deep and surface. I remember the wordboner quotes floating around the web a while back. Unfortunately, such is the nature of the web that any image that exists anywhere will be swiped and shared, but wrdbnr was pretty good about watermarking their work.

Hello stranger.

You are currently browsing WRDBNR (previously wordboner): a one-person typo/calli/quotography project, started in 2009 – currently on hold since January 2014.

It’s dedicated to visual inspiration through personal messages and reminders.

Melancholy by wrdbnr, At all costs avoid melancholy

If only it were that simple. Or… maybe it’s just as simple as it sounds.

Blame by wrdbnr, Blaming everyone else is great until you've got nobody else to blame but yourself

I’ve seen this one going around a lot, since wrdbnr was wordboner. Still working on taking it to heart.

See more at their website and society6 page, among others.

1 Yes, ello is still a thing. No, seriously, it is… Stop looking at me like that!

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