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video: Straight Outta Dunwoody

Living in DC, it’s impossible not to be asked where I’m from. Of course, I tell people “I’m from Atlanta… well just outside Atlanta… y’know, in the suburbs. … Dunwoody, all right? I’m from Dunwoody!”1 And anyone that knows the...


RIP: Dixie Carter, 1939-2010

Very sad news to those of us that grew up on a steady diet of television in the mid-80s. Dixie Carter passed away last night at the treasured age of 70. Actress Dixie Carter, 70, who most memorably portrayed Southern...


Some words just aren’t cool

Most of my close friends know that I hate hearing people throw around the word retarded. I find it offensive as well as being one of those trite things people say that in most cases just make them sound stupid....