OMG! Virgil is in a Video Game!

So, the calmly-stated summary is that Virgil, a character I created for Rivals of Waterdeep, a long-running Dungeons & Dragons actual play show, has been added to Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, an idle game put out by Codename Entertainment, making him the sixth and final member of Rivals of Waterdeep to be added to the game.

Ok, now that’s over with… OMG, my D&D character is in a video game! I cannot think of a more perfect blend of my life’s hobbies (but give me a while and I probably can) than this. Virgil, as a D&D character combines my love of the game, my love of comics and a slight fourth-wall-wink of Black characters always being written with “electrical” powers, my examination of what it’s like for characters to be casually powerful, and a queer character with a not-so-horrible backstory who leans hard into found family.

Oh, and also my sass tempered with understated kindness. 😏

Virgil’s Champion Spotlight

Virgil was created for Rivals of Waterdeep and joined the show in Season 9 along with Kent, created by Eugenio Vargas. We created them as a couple and it’s been a heck of a ride since then, with both of us discovering more about the characters as we roleplay and improv along with the cast. We’re now in Season 14, Virgil is Level 19 and honestly scares me a little bit in terms of just how much he can do, high-level characters are a lot!

I love idle games, and had put hundreds of hours into Idle Champions even before any of my friends’ characters were added to the game. And I’ve followed the Champion additions and game changes with interest over time, but now being able to have characters played by people I know in the game–including my own–makes it even more fun.

Spelljammer Virgil Theme Pack for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
Virgil’s Spelljammer Theme Pack

Working with Codename Entertainment on Virgil’s look, his equipment, his powers (although not his mechanics, that was all them) and his additional skins was a great time. Though I probably sent back a lot more notes on art than I should have, I really wanted him to look great in the game!

Idle Insights – where I chat with Treavor about Virgil, D&D, and all sorts of things!

Virgil was just released in-game yesterday and there are events on deck to herald his addition, so stay tuned to my Twitter and Twitch accounts, and I’ll come back and update this blog post once there’s more to share. Suffice to say, I’m over the (Feast of the) Moon about a character I created being in a video game, and I’m going to try not to be insufferable about it.

Ok… no I’m not. OMG, Y’ALL!

Idle Champions Presents: Hunger of the Far Realm – featuring me as Virgil along with an amazing cast and DM!

Be sure to head over to Idle Champions’ Rivals of Waterdeep page for Champion Spotlights of all the Rivals and links to play the game for free! 💖

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