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RIP: Loleatta Holloway, 1946-2011

Some sad news if you’re a lover of Disco and/or House music–or even just Disco/House Divas. Loleatta Holloway, best known for “Love Sensation,” passed away at the age of 64 after a period of poor health.


Let There Be House!

Well the good news is that I’m not hooked on C-SPAN Radio today. With the rain outside and temps going down, I figured it should be a day to stay In The House [audio:http://www.defected.com/audio/radio/RadioShow_25.10.08.mp3] Bobby made me start reading the...



FoodBeer! Ya gotta love it. It’s like watching an old film about or going on a World’s Fair/Epcot tour of The Kitchen of Tomorrow. “No time to stop off at the bar with the fellas after work? Just make sure...


A Defected Weekend Ends in Jade

That could have been a prognostication about my March 3-4, 2007 and I wouldn’t have known what the hell it was talking about. It was a Defected Weekend in that I got a lot of new albums from the Defected...