Let There Be House!

Well the good news is that I’m not hooked on C-SPAN Radio today. With the rain outside and temps going down, I figured it should be a day to stay In The House


Bobby made me start reading the news last night and I got a little bummed out, then James and Fredo made me laugh, and Heroes was… adequate.

Today at the office looks to be busy and a pain in the ass. I may have to put a hold on my decision to only vaguely write about this place for the next few months. I doubt anyone from here reads my blog anyway, at least not that I don’t know about. But things seem to be hitting the fan and now the whole room smells bad. My primary gripe right now is “office pride”. You have to know that if you accept a task that should take about an hour or two, but spend all day on it, that it really doesn’t look good. And in an office, if you’re not at a certain level of management, your rep is all you’ve got. 😐

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