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Life’s troubled bubble broken

I’ve got meetings and tasks and all sorts of work crap today. Needless to say, I wish I had her job. Between the festival on Saturday and my continued indulgence of food to nearly rival the festival on Sunday–sadly with...


lazy online sunday

Didn’t do a whole lot today and it felt nice. Played City of Heroes, got a level for my character, then took a little time out to get a new layout for my friendster and myspace pages. — Exciting, I...


Ankh, originally uploaded by Sombra. from someone else’s photostream on flickr… this cat has the right idea.


long apathetic winter days

Taking the entire old website down and putting the new one up is about the most energetic thing I’ve done. I’m not really caring about much else, don’t want to be here at the office, not even finding much fun...