Life’s troubled bubble broken

10/4/08 15:16

I’ve got meetings and tasks and all sorts of work crap today. Needless to say, I wish I had her job.

Between the festival on Saturday and my continued indulgence of food to nearly rival the festival on Sunday–sadly with a bit less physical activity–I still feel pretty stuffed. But I got my espresso so everything’s all right. Coffee eradicates all hunger pangs and if experience is any judge, I’m pretty sure it contains magical fairy dust that makes you poo, so I ought to be just fine by this evening. But no more food on a stick until next year, or at least my next carnival or DC street festival. It’s like insta-slack just waiting to happen. After getting dropped off, I was fine walking back to metro with James and waiting on the bus and even moving around the apartment. The moment I sat down, I was doomed. I think I managed a few Britcoms and a Mythbusters episode before I completely passed out. But it was a fun day, so no complaints.

However I’m still waiting for the nearby grocery stores to stock smoked turkey legs so I can replicate that particular favorite at home. 😈

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  1. William Mize says:

    Let me know if any place starts stocking (legally, of course) saucy, sassy Ren Faire wenches.
    Ripping bodices, optional, of course.

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