long apathetic winter days

Taking the entire old website down and putting the new one up is about the most energetic thing I’ve done. I’m not really caring about much else, don’t want to be here at the office, not even finding much fun in playing games online or on the computer and I know I’m getting into that winter mode where I don’t really want to go out to the bars. Something about cold weather makes the smoke stay in your clothes longer, plus I can’t even find a place to park when I get back home. Maybe I just need to curl up with the big blanket and some books on the couch and wait out the thaw. I really would like it to start warming up, I can’t deal with these days of snow, then followed by one of sun to tease us.

Well the new design seems to be going over well. Having a site with zero frames is odd, but I think I’m starting to like it. Plus for tracking purposes it’s a LOT easier to see where people are going. There are still a lot of pages that I have to complete, but one by one and they’ll be done. Pictures are up, including those from Boston, so at the least, people’s visual needs should be taken care of.

I still have a little more work to do before I can say that the computers are “done” for a while. I need a new hard drive to install Win2k on. The other one I bought worked like a charm and hasn’t had any problems aside from standard Win2k incompatabilities, so I’m going to pop a new one in the other machine and reinstall all the little things I use from day to day, then perhaps I’ll get the other camera running once I can afford a USB video cable set. Is it cheesy to ask people for donations for my site? Then again, everyone else is doing it. I’ll have to see as I think people enjoy websites because they’re free, once you have to pay for something, you then realize that you can always go someplace else! I’ve seen other camera operators ask for small donations with limited success, but those are the guys that perform, or have rippling muscles or walk around naked the moment they get home and hell, if I were that attractive or uninhibited, I’d just do porn and be done with it… or maybe not.

Ah well, the weekly grind summons.

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