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It’s that time again

The onslaught has started. Unfortunately not the Marvel villain that dressed in cool shades of red, pink and purple. The other onslaught that has the same colors. Restaurants telling me to get my Valentine’s Day reservations in and letting me...


Scrum of a different kind. Offside?

I needed a lighter entry to follow up the last one and this is chuckle-worthy, among other things. Towleroad featured this ad last week, and I felt it needed to be shared. In rugby football, the offside rule prohibits players...


forbidden lust

Ok, maybe I’m totally off my gourd, but I think the Sprint PCS guy is really cute. Such a cutie.


desire (con’t.)

Ok, so he’s straight and married and has a child, lucky man. And normally I don’t lust after straight men, but GAWD-DAMMIT, just look at him & that toasty hairy chest… If anyone can be the boy of my dreams...