It’s that time again

The onslaught has started. Unfortunately not the Marvel villain that dressed in cool shades of red, pink and purple. The other onslaught that has the same colors. Restaurants telling me to get my Valentine’s Day reservations in and letting me know their specials. Retail e-mails, the few that I still allow, all making sure I’m aware of the sales. And the many many personal ad sites reassuring me in their own special way, “You’re alone… you don’t want be alone, do you? Nobody wants to be alone, so fork over the cash already so we can inadequately match you for the next month or so!”

This morning’s Express had a story “Single & Satisfied” talking about people, mainly men, that have gone through their 30s and beyond and not gotten married. A sort of take back the night for singles, even advertising a website SingleEdition, which I guess is just the new quirkyalone but perhaps for a new generation, or maybe the same one just a little further along. Interesting in all of this is that it’s only heterosexual men and women that are seen as “odd” when they’re still single. Is it assumed that queers are still heading out every night or “ordering in” and rutting to their lust’s content? They even go so far as to say that in the workplace, if a man gets to a certain age and isn’t participating in discussions of wife and family, that the first speculation turns to their sexual orientation — the article says preferences but I’m ignoring it for now.

I have started to notice more and more that two camps easily form, especially once you hit the 30s: couples and singles. Chris and I joke back and forth a lot over which one holds the bigger advantage, and this is probably a much larger conversation than I’ll devote space to here.

The second wave of Heath Ledger information is hitting the media waves this morning, so I’m still a little bummed by that. But more surprising, or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, is hearing reactions from the geek fringe. Kris mentioned yesterday that someone in his office seemed only concerned about whether he’d finished production on the Batman movie, and I found similar sentiments when I went online in WoW last night. The other comments were more along the line of condemning suicide, drug use, superstardom and the like. Most shocking is the number of search hits I’ve gotten to my blog with the terms: heath ledger hiv positive. But I’m sure there are worse searches taking place surrounding his death. It’s just a tragic loss.

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