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recipes: Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Hotline Cookbook

As part of her Sirius|XM Thanksgiving hotline radio show, Martha is offering a free PDF collection of Thanksgiving recipes covering all courses of the Thanksgiving meal, from savory turkey to fresh salads and creamy mashed potatoes to sweet desserts. The dishes come from acclaimed chefs, such as Emeril Lagasse, Nigella Lawson, and Mario Batali.


Hilariously derailed

I had something rattling around inside my head to write about over lunch, and then saw the above picture over on Tea & Cookies and completely lost my train of thought. She writes about the Big Book Sale in San...



I just sent an IM to Justin: i’m sure he’ll be fine. just makes a whole lot of other shit seem really unimportant right now. It could easily be said that there are times when my brother and I don’t...