I just sent an IM to Justin: i’m sure he’ll be fine. just makes a whole lot of other shit seem really unimportant right now. It could easily be said that there are times when my brother and I don’t like each other, but we still love each other. My parents have let me know that his condition is stable and that there’s not much I could do, even if I were there. He’s in good hands for now, and will pull through, but his recovery is probably going to be a long one. Thanks to everyone that’s checked in, I passed along the word that my friends are sending their best wishes.

I am still allowing myself the tiniest bit of selfishness and staying angry at him for this. I’m sure he was wearing all the necessary safety gear and all, but this is his second motorcycle accident. I’d like to think that this has taught him a lesson about riding, or at least when and where to ride. Since I don’t know the details of the accident yet, I can’t enter an opinion and I don’t blame him for it, even if he has done some boneheaded stuff in the past, I just don’t want him to get better, hop on the bike and I have to get another call about another accident.

I met Gregory for breakfast this morning and then we hit some stores. I needed some mundane things, printer ink mostly, and I was on the lookout for good iPhone accessories but alas we weren’t near an Apple store, and the nearest Cingular wireless store wasn’t open on Sunday — what kind of retail location isn’t open on Sunday… that’s not a Chik-fil-a? I can take a trip to P. Ciddy tomorrow after work to go shopping at the Retail Holy Land properly. We also hit a few stores for the usual clothing and also an eye out for bedding. I picked up some new sheets and pillowcases and a down (alternative) comforter, so now I need a duvet or duvet cover or whatever its called. Whoever came up with that concept needs a smack in the mouth. I was thinking a trip to West Elm might be in order, or I could just shop through the catalog, I dunno. I’ve been saying that I’m getting new bedding for ages now, but it’s finally time to get enough separates that I can pull together to change the look around from time to time. As I told Gregory today, there ain’t no one but me even seeing my bedroom these days, but at least I want to be happy with it.

Oh yeah, I bought a new Vista-compatible webcam today, so maybe people will be able to see my bedroom, but I’ve completely neglected to set it up tonight. Very unlike me to leave new tech/gadgets in the box like that. I also got a notebook cooler/fan stand, and I can tell a huge difference. Usually after pulling up a few pages in Firefox, especially any with Flash, my little HP’s fan is running into overdrive and I can feel the heat from it a few inches away. Even with the stand on low speed, I never felt it heat up at all. Not too shabby.

Also, for sheer amusement and the “how cool is that?” factor…


I’m sure some of my friends won’t be surprised at all by the fact that Martha Stewart and I are now “friends”, but apparently her Facebook profile is the real deal, being handled by her people. Martha is web savvy and that’s a good thing!

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