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Obama Trudeau Cameron: Bizarre Love Triangle?

Saw this on twitter and cannot stop laughing. when you bump into your ex with his new bae pic.twitter.com/9lC241rMOS — Sarah M (@sazza_jay) April 4, 2016 Obama Trudeau Cameron… a love triangle story for the ages! I haven’t gone too...


I got it! Did you?

Ok, my iPhone needs a zoom and a better autofocus. I tried to snap above sticker for two days with the iPhone’s camera and it came out blurred no matter how I got close or far away. Thankfully no one’s...


Results without expectations

Today feels like a pretty good day actually, last night I downloaded Janet’s new single “Doesn’t Really Matter” online and already went to buy the CD. The song is just too happy to let you feel bad about yourself, plus...