Results without expectations

Today feels like a pretty good day actually, last night I downloaded Janet’s new single “Doesn’t Really Matter” online and already went to buy the CD. The song is just too happy to let you feel bad about yourself, plus it has a message despite critics saying it’s bubble-gummy.

In any case I got the MP3 at work now and the video at home so it’s all good. This will be my perky song for a while. And I need it. We had a meeting yesterday at work with one of the groups here POS, Operations Staff, to talk about their webpage. They were TOTALLY unprepared to meet with us, and they’ve had weeks to talk about this and brainstorm. This is the kind of thing I have to deal with that makes it so hard around here, ‘cos what will happen is they will expect results without giving us any kind of direction. Just tell me what you want and I’ll work to give it to you, but don’t EVER say “Just be creative.” That’s the worst. Mainly ‘cos I don’t like working my tail off on a design only to have someone say they don’t like it.

Anyway I have to work on a Lotus Notes database today to create a web-enabled helpdesk survey. It shouldn’t that hard now that I’ve done things like it, just cross my fingers and make a wish and *poof*. Ok, maybe a bit harder than that.

Side note: Why does someone keep saying they’ll send you their picture and even ask for your e-mail address repeatedly, and then.. nothing!

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