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Visual Recipes

Very cool site. User submitted recipes with pictures of the process. Not that you necessarily need a picture every step of the way, but sometimes you’re making something and you get a little bit of doubt and it’d be nice...


I am so gonna kill her…

Peek-a-Boo This is the last time I agree to meet her at Sparky’s for coffee on Saturday afternoon… really. We had a fun time, I even read the Blade and Metro Weekly, which I never do!


Sunrise over the water

Sunrise over the water The pics from the beach vacation are online. Eventually I’ll get the events written down and posted… or perhaps a short version of the highs and lows from our time there. I dunno. 🙂


remember, the safeword is “banana”

Amazon.com: Toys & Games: Family Guy Peter & Lois 2-Pack (in the Toys R Us section, but being sold online only and with a suggested age of 18+) I love Family Guy as much as the next guy, but I...


peas in a pod

I find something VERY disturbing about this image… and it doesn’t even have Condi in it. Then again, it almost looks like they’re about to clasp hands and go skipping through the garden.


feel that sting? that’s Pride messin’ with ya

Well this morning I am feeling fine, a little lighter from alcohol dehydration, forgot my belt so I’ve been yanking up the pants which makes for some strange looks. Jenifer and I are All Prided Out for the moment, I...