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Blossom 005 – license to sneeze

Blossom 005 – a photoset on Flickr Sometimes it’s good to take a walk in the middle of a work–a-day Monday. 🙂 The pictures didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped, but it was my manager’s camera he let...


Got your nose!

Matthew Baldwin joins the ranks of people praising (?) the new google maps satellite service. defective yeti – Google Maps Satellite I nearly drenched my keyboard with the water I was drinking when my manager sent this to me.


warm breezes are nice

Last night was just plain wonderful. I left work a bit early after my manager declared the temperature outside in the 80s and had a lovely commute home to an overheated apartment, so up with the windows and off with...


something’s missing

I want my hour back. *yawn* The weekend was good, Saturday very busy, Sunday very bummy. Mike was in town to see his hubby, here for work all week, so we met up in Dupont at Starbucks and began a...


March 26, 2005 – day in photos

Here’s a link to a new flickr set from March 26, 2005. I decided to just take the camera with me and then later try to remember what and why I snapped. I’m hoping to do this much more often...


weird, but cool

Before any heavy writing today, a little bit of fun, Transparent Screens via flickr. Unfortunately, my laptop moves around too much, and there’s nothing of interest behind my LCDs on my desktops. Still cool tho.


truer words…

…were never spoken by a fictional 2-dimensional (in more ways than one) alcoholic robot loving ex-porn star. From today’s Diesel Sweeties. Last night’s bowling was ok, I bowled well, but it still wasn’t enough to win more than one game...


This is a gay establishment…

This is a gay establishment. Owned and operated by gay people, for gay people. We reserve the right to refuse entrance or service to anyone at any time. An amusing shot from the night Will and I barely gave the...


House of Jokers

Domaine des Blagueurs is Seriously Good Syrah… ’nuff said. I picked up this wine at Whole Foods one day when I really shouldn’t have been allowed to buy wine at all. I was totally hammered, but I asked the sommalier...


Blink O Rama

Blink O Rama The best comment from this page: She’s not blinking. Her last facelift stretched her eyes shut.