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RIP: Loleatta Holloway, 1946-2011

Some sad news if you’re a lover of Disco and/or House music–or even just Disco/House Divas. Loleatta Holloway, best known for “Love Sensation,” passed away at the age of 64 after a period of poor health.


RIP: Dixie Carter, 1939-2010

Very sad news to those of us that grew up on a steady diet of television in the mid-80s. Dixie Carter passed away last night at the treasured age of 70. Actress Dixie Carter, 70, who most memorably portrayed Southern...


a weekend of loss

I can’t believe it, I was shocked enough to hear about Bernie Mac, and now a friend informed me that Isaac Hayes passed away. I know they say these things happen in threes, but I’m really ok with that trend...


Heath Ledger found dead

I just saw someone mention this on twitter and I thought that maybe they were mistaken. I can’t believe this news, he was so young and talented and I really thought he’d have a great future in acting. I hope...


RIP: Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet, the singer whose rich baritone voice and classic tall, dark, dashing good looks made him a star on stage and television, has died. He was 73. Goulet suffered from a rare form of pulmonary fibrosis, a progressive and...


RIP Don Herbert – Mr. Wizard

‘Mr. Wizard’ dies at 89. I don’t know that many friends that can’t replicate a “trick” they saw on Mr. Wizard, or rattle off a scientific fact that he ingrained in our young minds. Even when I got older, I...