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40: from mobile to cell to i… phones

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone. While I could reflect on how the device has changed over the years since it was invented, right now I’m more caught up on the fact that I’M AS OLD AS THE MOBILE PHONE.


etiquette: telephone 101

Just a quick informal poll: You’re calling someone for the first time who has no reason to expect a phone call from you. Once they answer, how would you–the caller–begin your part of the call?


phone: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…

Quick question: What the heck is up with callers/spammers being allowed to report stuff like this as their caller ID? It would figure on a day that I’m ranting about craigslist spam, I’d get this call while leaving the office....


got lotsa money up here man

From my friend Sean’s blog: A Really Wrong Number. He got a few interesting voice mails on his eFax number of all things. Misdials aren’t quite as much fun as drunk dials, but I hope Steve found someone with a...


It’ll have to do until I develop telepathy

I’d been IMing someone for a little while and we had a quick dinner get-together/date, they give me their phone number and say “call me sometime”. It has already been established that they keep odd hours and don’t always have...