what’s the complication, it’s only conversation

Definitely one of my “feel good” songs is “Love it When You Call” by The Feeling, a band I learned of through a friend Dan in the UK. They’re pop/rock, but just enough in-between both not to lean one way or the other too much. It also doesn’t hurt that the lead singer is queer and adorable! But this tune always has me smiling and bopping my head on my morning metro commute. I’m not really interested in Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but put some songs like this in and I might be.


I also think about it a lot when I hear news of the iPhone. I had an IM conversation with James yesterday about people and the phone. Most of us are starting not to care for the telephone as a means of communication, some are already calling for the death of voicemail. When I saw the video of the reporter trying to heckle people queued up for the iPhone, I wondered if a more zinging question on his part would have been, “Have you ever used your phone to call someone?”

I love hearing from friends and even some family and while instant messenger is ok, “LOL” seems much better when you can actually hear the person laughing. I know a lot of people that don’t care for using the phone, which makes me wonder how they conduct any kind of business. I used to hesitate to call people because I’d think I was bothering them, but now I figure they’re enough of an adult to tell me when it isn’t a good time to talk. I just don’t think I’m ready to see the advance of technology herald the death of the phone conversation.

On a lighter note, there’s been a bit of a bumper crop of babies among my friends in recent months (and days — Congratulations Felissa and Neil!) so maybe this primer is a good thing. Baby’s First Internet by Kevin Fanning & Kean Soo. — Not sure how to explain the internet to your young ones? Presenting a series of nursery rhymes to teach children how to comport themselves on the online. I think they would do well to create a real book from that!

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