I’m going nuts, naturally

Ok, just about all packed and ready to head to CA. Probably won’t get online from there, so tomorrow’s entry may be the last until 7/29. The most I’ve done today is set up an ‘offline’ message for my webcam so people won’t wonder where the heck I am. In any case I really have to say I’m looking forward to the trip now. I took today off work as well and that really made it sink into my head that I’m going to have FUN for about 10 days.

I’m going nuts naturally thinking I’ve forgotten SOMETHING, but I think at this point I have enough clothing that anything else can be taken care of once we get there if I forget it. Got the cameras, the phone, the cd player and other stuff. I think I’m all set. But it’s early in the day yet. Plenty of time to remember something else to bring along.

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