Ok, I’m back home after a horrific time of traversing airports. Though I have to say it was VERY nice of them to book me in first class on the way home when they had to cancel my flight.

California was fun, though much as I love Michael, his husband was just working my last nerve. I’m not much for self-centered people, mainly ‘cos it makes them terribly inconsiderate as well. In general I had fun, but I kinda expected a bit more as a guest (I know, that’s MY issue and I own it) than the prep that was made for my arrival.

So let’s see..

7/20/00 – Day 1This day went ok, getting the last few things packed up and getting out of the house was rough. I left for the bus and forgot any change for it, and I’m a slow mover when I’ve got 3 bags on me, so I almost missed the bus to the airport. But I made it there and stood in the average sized line and got to my flight with no problems. Called a few friends on the cell phone and without much trouble got to CA ok. Though I’m going to have to start taking sleeping pills on those LONG flights, goodness gracious I was so bored. Even the CD player didn’t help unless I turned it up to full blast to get over the sound of the engines.

Michael and Terri (Terry?) picked me up and I was pretty much instantly relieved that I would get along with them as that had been a worry of mine. In any case, I was kinda woozy for the drive back to Sacramento (2 hrs), but on the way I got a call from Andre, a friend of Tom, someone that had been writing me prior to my trip, but I’ll go into that MUCH later.

About the only real disappointment that night was that they didn’t seem altogether ready for my visit. I had an air bed sure enough, but no sheets, pillow, towel, etc. And it was cold that first night. But I dealt with it as well as I could. I guess Michael had asked Mike to take care of these things, but that failed to happen (this is a recurring theme for the whole vacation).

7/21/00 – Day 2

Off to LA. We hit the road pretty early with few hitches. It is a LONG drive to LA about 6 hours or so, but Michael and I talked a lot on the way down, and I napped a bit too. It wasn’t terribly scenic, but the short routes rarely are. Apparently we could have taken a nicer route but it was a 2 day trip. Mike was mostly quiet, but that seemed to be his way.

That song that says LA is a great big freeway was RIGHT. I’d never seen such traffic, most of our trip was just getting through the metro area through to Anaheim to a hotel, but we found a good place for about $90 a night, split 3 ways = not too shabby, though next time I’m claiming the longer bed, since they had a queen and I had a full, but I’m taller! *grin*

I got another call from Andre, but as I said, that’s getting explained in detail later. And we called Alex (a friend from online) who turned out to be a WOMAN. This isn’t so shocking except we’d thought she was a he all this time.

7/22/00 – Day 3

DISNEYWORLD!! Ok, I admit, I was a little disappointed. I thought it would be bigger. Then again, I’ve been to the State of Disney that some like to call Florida, so I guess that was to be expected. And for a Saturday, it wasn’t any more crowded than I expected of an amusement park, though the only time we saw wandering characters was in the parades later.

Rides were cool, Space Mountain was.. the same. The 3D movie was awesome, and the Indiana Jones ride was so great we rode it twice.

Oops, obligations here. more later.

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