California continued…

ok, California continued…

7/22/00 – Day 3 (cont.)I started to see a bit more of the dynamic between Michael and Mike today, they’re an interesting couple, definitely an example of ‘opposites attract’. Mike wanted pictures, of himself, in front of everything. It kinda felt like he was the one on vacation and the two of us were the entourage. In any case Disney was a fun experience, though my feet and calves might beg to differ.

We ended up having dinner just down the street from our hotel at about midnight and then Michael & I were up talking until about 3 or so.

7/23/00 – Day 4

I don’t think my body understood that it was supposed to be jet lagged, I was up at like 6 or 7 every day. Though that’s probably from sleeping in uncomfortable and unfamiliar beds too.

After breakfast at Denny’s, we called up Alex and met her at her mother’s house. Not at all what I was expecting, but still a good person. We headed into L.A. to see Japantown and do some shopping, and more picture-taking.

We also saw the JANM Logo Japanese American National Museum and it was wonderful, made me cry, laugh, all those things that life stories are supposed to do.

Again, a bit more of annoyance with Mike. I know that’s bad of me, but I guess being in unfamiliar territory, my patience wasn’t what it should have been. When we got back to the hotel that evening it was disclosed that Mike hadn’t planned on enough money for the vacation and was practically broke. I didn’t get involved as it was really Michael and Mike’s issue and honestly didn’t think too much of it. We watched Ellen’s special on HBO which was hilarious, then to bed.

7/24/00 – Day 5

Well, I mentioned the money problem. The end result of it was that we left Los Angeles 2 days early because while Michael and I allotted funds properly, Mike didn’t. However what I don’t understand is that even with “no money” we still went shopping before leaving town! I was terribly sullen the whole morning and afternoon, and actually a good way of the drive back home.

We then drove back through Hollywood which was fun, I finally got to see the big letters for myself and the walk of fame which is LONG and probably pretty slippery when it rains. Saw Mann’s Chinese Theatre and snapped many photos.

Then to top off my complete annoyance for the day we went to Universal Studios, but only to the City Walk. Basically a big mall, so that Mike could visit one of the store locations for the company he works for, DAPY. It didn’t even seem to occur to him that Michael and I really wanted to go to the theme park, NOT the City Walk, so that skipping Universal entirely might have been a better idea. Did I say I was sullen and/or annoyed? No, I was PISSED.

Then the lovely 6 hour drive back home at which I learned that Mike doesn’t ever change lanes (or speed) while driving, so it was quite interesting to watch all the cars passing us on the right for a good portion of the trip home. Needless to say, it was a very quiet ride home.

Got back to their place and Greg (Michael’s cousin) and Terry (Michael’s friend) were there watching TV. Mike headed back out to get dinner while Michael and I vented and bit and he made lovely mixed drinks (Windex), and all was warm fuzziness. And thus began domestic life with Michael and Mike. After an overly complicated (and rather late) dinner, bed soon followed. Once I got them to rustle up something in the way of sheets, that is.

7/25/00 – Day 6

Today was bum day mainly. I wasn’t feeling much up to doing anything or going anyplace ‘cos my brain was still trying to assimilate the knowledge that we came home 2 days early. We watched TV, and played video games. (They have a Dreamcast, I want a Dreamcast now) Mike took the car and went out on a “quick” shopping trip that lasted 6 or 7 hours, so it’s good that we didn’t want to go anywhere since we couldn’t.

Nothing else of note took place, dinner and drinks and TV and bed.

7/26/00 – Day 7

Mike made us breakfast after we all got up, which was nice of him. Though when he left the makings of breakfast all over the kitchen and ants were swarming all over the place, it didn’t seem quite so nice. I was assured by Michael that this is typical Mike, but it’s still pretty gross and creepy.

Visited Old Sacramento today, now that was a nice time. It’s today I realized that Sacramento is the capital of California (geography always was my worst subject), so the city has a few attractions. Old Sacramento is sort of like what Old Town Alexandria is to Virginia. Shops and sights. A lot of “new age” type stores, which made me realize that I want to get back into the crafts that I’ve abandoned for so long, a very nice Scottish/Irish store where I picked up a gift for the East Coast Michael, and candy stores where I managed to resist buying fudge. I completely failed to buy a shot glass however, so I’ll have to get Michael to get me one and send it.

After a bit more driving around, I was content to lie around the house a bit more. To me, vacation is just being away, you don’t have to try filling every minute with “things to do” unless you’re on some kind of tour. Makes me realize I gotta get away more often.

7/27/00 – Day 8

Michael and I took Terry to the airport in San Francisco, and then spent most of the day there. I saw Chinatown, as Michael says, “A real Chinatown.” And we went to the beach and generally just drove around town. I have to admit, I’d love living there if I could afford it, which would probably be the only big issue.

The beach is just so beautiful, I can’t imagine living near it and not being there all the time. Of course I’d never get anything done, but still the view!!

Traffic was bad once again getting home, but this really cute guy in a mercedes made it worth the wait, then we went out for Mexican for dinner at this great restaurant and watched movies that night. I can finally say I’ve seen The Sixth Sense, and it was great, I should’ve seen it in theatres. We then watched the Matrix since we werent tired yet and the events of the rest of the evening shall remain undisclosed considering the amount of alcohol that was consumed.

7/28/00 – Day 9

More ant issues in the kitchen, perhaps I was numbed from the previous incident so it didn’t bother me so much, but it’s still icky. I just don’t understand leaving food out and not washing up, it makes NO sense to me, it’s like college dorm behavior, but it’s not my house and not my relationship. So I can only provide my own commentary, ‘cos no matter what else, they’re in love and that’s obvious.

Another semi-bum day. Michael and I watched the tube a while, went out for food, played video games and generally chatted. There were more issues that arose when we went to get Mike from work, but it’s hardly worth going into.

7/29/00 – Day 10

Headed back home, checked my home voice mail and got a call letting me know that my flight was cancelled, but they completely rebooked me, so Michael got to have a bit more sleep. I get the impression that he’s not a morning person, though I took a nap on the couch as well so I can’t talk. Even with the two hour drive to San Francisco we were still early, and due to cancelled flights it was packed, but I checked my bags at the curb (for the first time ever) and went to the gate. After waiting maybe an hour for the rep to get there, I found that they rebooked me first class, so that made everything ok with the world. I said my goodbyes to Michael and Mike and settled in for a LONG flight home. But I was buffered by mediocre wine and excellent food and excellent service. I’m definitely flying first class from here on out.

I still didn’t get home until around 1 in the morning, but I was a lot less stressed than if I’d flown coach.

And that’s my California vacation in a nutshell. I had a good time, not what I’d call a great time, but definitely evidence that I have got to get away more often. I’m gonna grab the next E-Saver after Sean’s visit and go someplace. But it’s Monday and back to work for me, timesheet day again, yuck. But got new music this weekend, the Swing soundtrack and it’s lovely. I love Lisa Stansfield and it’s swing music which is fantastic anyway.

And I’ll post a bit more on the Tom/Andre thing later on, right now I’m just too tired to bother.

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