Ok, not that anyone would want to, but you can link to my posts now! Blogger has all these cute tricks you can do to enhance the weblog. Which is sort of taking away from not having to do “work” on it, but it’s a such a small thing that does so much.

In addition, this is another Washington Post article that’s making me feel a little disturbed, though I guess I should know that no place is safe from hatred and pain: Gallaudet Slaying, this is the most recent article, there are a few others that go back to the first. It’s just senseless, and I don’t want to hear insanity or crime of passion or any of that shit. I just don’t know what’s going on today, is there some influence in our culture that’s causing young kids to just snap? The worst thing is after reading that, I noticed that Shawn still hasn’t shown up online and now I’m instantly worried about him. Not a huge worry, but it’d make me feel better to know where he’s at, though he might have just slept in and taken the day off.

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