Just got hit with another reminder that things NEVER change around here. This is silly, I know, but there’s a presentation in Lotus Freelance that they’re going to want converted to PowerPoint. This is like a recurring nightmare around here, at least 4 times a year someone has a job like this and they think it’s just a straight conversion. And lucky me, I get stuck with it. Rat bastards.

On a side note, I’m wearing khaki pants to work for the first time.. ever. I’ve always worn black or like a grey houndstooth. Boring, perhaps but in this arena, I prefer to stick with what works. Though it’s got me thinking I should look for more of a variety. Plus I always want to get new clothes for the office, since they double as date clothes too.

Not a whole lot else happening today, I think. Last night’s Voyager was good. A bit cheesy, but it was interesting to see Janeway, Tuvok and Torres made up as Borg. Love those bald heads. It would have been nice to have someone there to watch it with me, but then I would have had to put some clothes on. Sweatshirt and boxers are so conducive to relaxing, it’s hard to want to get dressed for company. Plus, the cold weather they said would be here, isn’t here yet so even without heat on, my apartment is quite warm. It was hard to get to sleep last night, and I nearly had to go completely *nekkid* to get comfortable. I feel like I slept wrong though ‘cos my neck is killing me today. Ah painkillers, lovely painkillers.

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